Olinda and Old Recife Tour – Departure from Porto de Galinhas



Olinda, the strategic location, on top of one of the seven hills of the Region, made Duarte Coelho choose this point to found the town of Olinda. Being elected National Monument and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, ecological city and Brazilian Capital of Culture makes this beautiful destiny a treasure to be discovered by you.

Departures on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, arriving in Olinda, the first capital of Pernambuco and a city consecrated by UNESCO “Natural and Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, you will discover a magical place full of charms, we will visit the modern and ancient part of City. Entering the Historic Site, on one of the seven hills of the region, we will see a beautiful city, surrounded by palm trees, high coconut trees, Atlantic rainforest and we will have the sea as a backdrop, no doubt thrills those who arrive. Along streets and steep stones, adorned by numerous colorful houses, visits to secular churches, such as the Monastery of São Bento, whose high altar, a valuable example of the Brazilian Baroque, was exhibited at the “Brazil de Corpo e Alma” Exhibition, held in 2001 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, at Rua do Amparo and its ateliers of artisans and artists, at Largo da Misericórdia and Alto da Sé, with its endless horizon viewpoints and the opportunity to savor a delicious tapioca with cheese In addition to being face to face with the famous giant dolls of Olinda, those created by the famous giant dolls maker Silvio Botelho, which make the joy of the revelers during the carnival period, thus finalizing this rich cultural and historic tour. Once in the city of Recife known as the city of waters, we will visit the neighborhood named Recife Antigo, where everything began, landing at Arsenal, second most important square in the neighborhood, nearby you can visit Paço do frevo (optional), cultural site where one lives and experiences the rhythm of humanity’s immaterial heritage, Frevo, continuing in the rhythm of t carnival, what if we visit the Embassy of Pernambuco? or live the interactive Cais do Sertão museum, choose one of these three attractions to immerse yourself in the genuinely Pernambuco culture (optional entry fee). Arriving at Rua do Bom Jesus, there is also the Kahal zur Israel Synagogue (Optional) visit, a visit to Handicraft center of Pernambuco, with its extensive variety of art works produced by our master craftsmen, we also walk around important streets of this charming neighborhood visualizing its architecture and old constructions.

  • Visit the giant dolls exhibition, those who wander around the city during the carnival of Olinda
  • Do not forget to go to the monastery of São Bento and see the details of its altar
  • Visit the elevator located at the top of the Sé, you will have a breathtaking view
  • Be sure to bring the Bricalet biscuits made by the nuns at the Nossa Senhora do Monte Monastery in Olinda
  • Do not leave Alto da Se in Olinda without tasting its famous tapioca, with a glass of refreshing coconut water
  • Arriving at the Old Recife go to “The Galleries” since 1928, taste the famous traditional malt.
  • Be sure to take a picture at the Statue of Chico Science on Moeda Street, he created the Mangue Beat movement as well as other poets from Pernambuco.
  • Contemplative ride with hop on and hop off several times what makes it necessary the use light clothes and shoes, hat and sunscreen. Hidrate yourself During the tour, we will stop for lunch (optional), consumption expenses not included in the tour.
  • Visitation fees not included, discount for students, senior citizens (over 60 years) and teachers, presenting supporting documents at the Museum’s concierge.
  • IN RECIFE: We do not carry out RECIFE & OLINDA OR CULTURAL REGULAR or PRIVATIVE TOUR during the CARNIVAL period (Friday, Saturday of Zé Pereira until Ash Wednesday) due to the total traffic ban on main roads in both cities (Recife and Olinda), as an option we suggest BEACH TOUR;
  • Dias de Saídas – Domingos/Quartas/Sextas;
  • Saídas – Porto de Galinhas / Hoteis e Pousadas
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